TEXMIN project consist of 6 work-packages: 

WP1 – Climate Review & Projections will provide a platform for the technical WPs 2 to 4, based on a review of past experiences within the mining industry, the undertaking of a baseline climate survey, and the development of RCMs for European coal mining regions.

WP2 – Climate Impact Identification will allow partners to examine how future climate change scenarios could impact on operating as well as closed and abandoned mine sites. Measurement is critical in the understanding of the extent of impacts related to climate change and the focus of this WP is in data collection and measurement.

WP3 – Quantitative Modelling of Climate Impacts will evaluate and quantify the key physical impacts that were identified in WP2 through quantitative models, relating to the quality and quantity of mine water, the stability of workings, voids and surface structures and the flow of mine gases to the surface resulting from changes in climatic conditions.

WP4 – Risks and Impact Mitigation & Adaptation will consider mitigation/adaptation methods, costs and means to remediate or adapt to these impacts. Methodologies to improve the technical conditions of one of the old shafts and one spoil dump will be developed, tested later by realization of small scale pilot tests of solutions. An integrated risk management tool, based on lessons from earlier project works and a long and short-term monitoring strategies for both the changing climate and the identified impacts will be developed.

WP5 – Project Dissemination & Outreach. Dissemination is key for the project’s success and technology transfer. A cross-European Multi Stakeholder Group (MSG) will be established, consisting not only of project partners, but also of interested stakeholders at European, country and region(s) - level mining operators, regional and local authorities, NGOs and expert advisors in order to provide multi-disciplinary expertise throughout the project as well as a forum to disseminate work and findings undertaken during the project.

WP6 – Coordination & Project Management will ensure effective communication between partners and timely delivery of progress meetings, technical and financial reports.

The overall TEXMIN project plan is presented on the figure below.